Dreamstate 2016: First DJs Announced for San Francisco

Dreamstate 2016: First DJs Announced for San Francisco

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Trance fans rejoice; your announcements for the second installment of Insomniac’s all-Trance music festival, Dreamstate, have begun.  After receiving such resounding support for the first Dreamstate, occurring November 27th and 28th at the NoS Event Center outside of Los Angeles, Insomniac continued to support their new festival by announcing a 2016 installment in San Francisco on January 16th and 17th.

The first two artists announced for San Francisco are Solarstone and Gareth Emery.  An act like Solarstone playing at Insomniac’s new festival should not come as a surprise to any Trance fans. Solarstone has been a staple in the Trance scene since mid-1990s and yet have continued to garner rabid support from their fans.

Gareth Emery definitely had a different response within the scene, at least initially…
Emery first garnered his support as being one of the go-to Trance producers with records like “Sanctuary” and “Concrete Angel.”  However, the past couple years, his style has seemed to progress more into the House genres, upsetting some of his original fans.  Emery took to his Instagram after the announcement to discuss his musical shift:

“For a long time I was bored and uninspired with the trance getting made which I made no secret of.  That’s not the case now though.”  Continuing on, Emery stated “[I’m] never gonna be that 138 [BPM] person as I don’t like many tracks in that style but lots of producers are making great slower trance atm.”

With the older Trance tracks that Gareth Emery has in his library, combined with some of his more recent successes like “U” and “Soldier,” and his amazing taste which has been exemplified in his very successful “Electric for Life” podcast, his set should be one to look forward to at the all-Trance festival of Dreamstate in San Francisco this January.  More information on the Dreamstate festival is available on their website.