Eric Prydz

Eric Prydz Latest Beats One Mix is something special

After ditching his EPIC radio concept, progressive house maestro Eric Prydz has taken up a brand new fortnightly show for Beats One radio. In what was an outstanding mix from the Swede, Prydz worked his magic and in classic fashion curated a mix chock-full of exclusives and IDs, revealing tracks which have been anticipated for years as well as a few exclusives. Prydz really showed his talent on this mix, providing an hour long mix, as well as an hour recorded from Eric’s set at Café Mambo back in August. This show is definitely one to keep an eye on in the future, as no doubt it will contain some very special mixes from the Pryda family, and even more of those juicy Prydz exclusives.

Starting the mix off with a brand new track “Last Dragon” which will no doubt have you bopping around your room, Eric Prydz progresses into more exclusives and also an exclusive from his Pryda alias. After the first half hour, we’re brought into some dirty techno bangers from Prydz’ Cirez D alias, bringing truly stomping rhythms that will transport you directly to an underground Berlin rave before bringing us back to Ibiza with some tracks from his Pryda 10 EP compilation – the final volume which was recently released alighting the progressive house world on fire.

For a man who keeps his releases shrouded in secrecy, 2015 really has been the year for Eric Pryda fans with a monster catalogue of releases from the 22 tracks on the Pryda 10 series, to the massive “Opus” and now this brand new Beats One radio show. Before advancing to the second hour of the mix, Eric revealed a huge treat in the form of his private edit of the hugely emotional and frisson inducing “Rio“, by Adventure. A completely breathtaking edit which will no doubt bring out the goosebumps (and we all know they never lie) that will sadly probably not see the day of light like most Prydz tracks!

In the second hour we are treated to a fantasticly relaxing mix from Café Mambo, and no doubt you will be picturing watching the Ibiza sunset while listening to the groovy house beats of Eric Prydz. If ever a DJ knows how to mix and select a set, Prydz is that man as the funky basslines and classic house rhythms exhibited in the second hour of this mix prove his godly talent. One special moment from the mix comes as Prydz lays down a vocal sample from Fabricio Amorim’s  “Curved Air” at the beginning of the second hour – “What is house music?”, the narrator asks, “My definition of house music, is what comes from the soul”.

This is definitely a mix with a lot of soul from a producer who is a complete master in his craft, and a mix which like may other Eric Prydz sets, is mixed seamlessly and transcends the listener to an area in their mind which they never knew existed.