Four Tet delivers subtle tech-house remix of Prydz masterpiece

Regarded by many as the king of proper progressive house, Eric Prydz’s latest behemoth of a track “Opus” has only helped cement this title and having been regarded by many as one of Prydz’s greatest releases ever with its long, dreamy melodic buildup, creating chaos and wrecking havoc on dancefloors the world over.

This subtle Four Tet (Kieran Hebden) remix adds a simple yet effective twist on the progressive masterpiece, building on the original through a nice house rhythm as an intro before breaking down into the soon-to-be iconic melody, lifting and lifting before cascading beautifully into a seminal tech-house climax. Utterly stunning. Utilising the bassline of the track through a rolling arpegio, it maintains elements of the original while adding Hebden’s creative and unique touches. Although it doesn’t add a whole lot to the original, Hebden has still delivered an excellent rework of what will no doubt be a classic dance music track in the future.