Goldfish covers Nirvana’s iconic track “Heart shaped box”.

After a wonderful performance at Ultra Music Festival Miami and many other main events, the award-winning house band ‘Goldfish’ is releasing a cover of Nirvana’s “Heart-Shaped Box” for their scheduled performances at Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) on sunday and their London show on Saturday. “Heart-Shaped Box” is Nirvana’s first single from their album ‘In Utero’ from 1993 and is one of their most famous singles of all. No doubt Goldfish picked this song to cover in their own style.

Performing on EDM’s biggest stages, Goldfish are becoming one of the most prominent acts in the dance music scene as they are known for their use of live instruments on stage which only few dance music acts dare to do. Receiving remix requests from the likes of Fedde le Grand and landing a residency at Ibiza’s famous Pacha, they are on the road to become a worldwide act.

What we see from this 90’s cover is Goldfish’s music production prowess with Julia Church’s mature vocals which give the track an excellent depth. The synths build up to heavy upbeat claps and piano stabs before going into the Goldfish’s trademark drop which mark the brilliant use of piano and saxophone with pinpoint bass line to give the drop the extra 10 percent.

“Heart-Shaped Box” is arguably one of the best track Goldfish have released in a while and this cover will surely be one of the best songs in their tracklists.

Listen to the preview down below:



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