Hardwell calls out Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike after DJ Mag Top 100 Poll

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By now, you have all seen the DJ Mag Top 100 DJs list that came out yesterday resulting in the Belgian duo Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike unseating Dutch powerhouse Hardwell as the “number one DJ in the world.”  While the poll has been under scrutiny over the past couple years for its shady practices, highlighted here, it still, without question, is one of the most popular features in the Electronic music world every year.

This year however, it seems as if some artists were even more up in arms than usual due to the way Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike obtained their title.  At Tomorrowland 2015, the Belgian duo and Tomorrowland resident DJs, had paid canvassers walking around the grounds with iPads having people vote for Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike.  Adding this information to the atrocious viral video the DJs created with Charlie Sheen and the claims that Maarten Vorwerk has long been the duo’s ghost producer, many of their peers feel like Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike shouldn’t be anywhere near the top of the list… 2015’s number 2 DJ, Hardwell seems to be one of them.

After the poll was released, up-and-coming American producer 3LAU called out the Belgians long rumored lack of production knowledge with this tweet:

However, where the real fun begins is a reply we received from Hardwell to the tweet, stating:


Unfortunately, the tweet has been taken down since.  

It is evident that Hardwell feels slighted by losing his number 1 spot to Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, especially with the year that he had releasing his first studio album.  It will be very interesting to see the fallout from this year’s poll as Hardwell, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, and Martin Garrix are all very popular headliners on lineups; it could make for some interesting festivals around the world soon.

With this year’s polling results and the massive influx of campaigns into the voting, it has become more apparent than ever that the DJ Mag Top 100 needs to change their tactics if they want to be taken credibility by Electronic music fans around the world. Up until then, it looks like we will have to roll with Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike being the “number 1 DJs in the world.”