Hardwell shows lack of creativity with fully sampled track “Mad World”

As more and more tracks are released each week, creativity seems to be taking a back seat in the production department. While this may be acceptable to many, there isn’t much justification for those working at the top of the scene, especially when you’re the current #1 DJ in the world.

Hardwell premiered the 200th release of his Revealed Recordings imprint in the 237th edition of his ‘Hardwell On Air’ radio show. While many were excited by the involvement of fellow Dutch singer and songwriter Jaap Reesema or Jack Reese, as we all know him from his previous collaboration with other artists, there were those who were quick to point out the lack of creativity on the part of Hardwell, as he simply utilizes this sample pack without much effort from his side other than a lackluster drop.


But we have to look at it from this point of view, there are loads of producers today who utilize sample packs in their benefit and rightly so as there isn’t anything that is wrong with that practice. But when you’re playing the game at the toughest level, then the expectations rise and the need for creativity is dire. It is alarming, even for the DJ, who admittedly, is on top of his game and the scene.

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