Hardwell signs new talents Waysons, Charlie Ray & Nathan Brumley to Revealed

Dutch producer Charlie Ray has been consistently in the playlists of world’s best DJs over the past year. He recently got together with house duo Waysons and produced, what could easily be, one of the best tracks released in 2015.

Homeland” is out Hardwell’s Revealed Recordings and has already been played by the likes of Knife Party, Thomas Gold, Tritonal and many others. Taking us from a heavy hitting electro introduction, to a melodic piano break with hypnotizing vocals from Nathan Brumley, to an extremely detuned peak time melodic drop, “Homeland” is one that deserves attention!


We also got together with Charlie and asked him a few questions about this career and about how “Homeland” came about:

Hello Charlie, or isn’t that your real name?

“Haha! Charlie is not my real name, my real name is Frederick. I came up with the name while I was listening to a Ray Charles song.”

You’re are an exciting new name on the electronic dance music scene, when and how did you decide to start making music?

“When I was 17, I was working on a school project with some friends. When we were done they showed me FL Studio and I went nuts. We could make house music with a computer! The next day I downloaded it myself and started learning the program, but it wasn’t until 2 years ago that I started producing music seriously. I can’t even remember what triggered me to work on music.”

You have an upcoming release on Hardwell’s Revealed Recordings together with Waysons and Nathan Brumley. i would imagine that very few producers wouldn’t like to release their tracks there, how did you connect with Hardwell and how did the track come about?

“Well, “Homeland” is a long story, I started the track in December last year I believe, wrote down some chords and asked Nathan to do a vocal so I could build around that. Once i had a short draft I contacted Waysons and we started working on it until we had a first version. That same week, I went to Dancefair, and talked to Sick individuals. They loved the track and supported it in their radioshow. The labels were not responding though. Waysons decided to rework the track and let their management send it to Hardwell. Hardwell responded and said he loved it. Almost a year later the track is about to be released (23rd of October)!”

If you were to give one advice to upcoming producers who want to be in your shoes, what would it be?

“I always hear a lot of producers say to unknown producers:’’Be unique’’. That is partially true but I would recommend to start with perfecting sounds that are already there. if you can make a perfect Bigroom, Trap and Progressive track, it is easier to start focussing on unique sounds for your original tracks. So I would say train with the existing sounds, and master your unique sounds”

Can you share with us any future plans or planned releases?

“I did not sign anything yet, but I’m working on a lot of collaborations right now. There is a really cool track coming with an American producer who has already been on Musical Freedom (Tiesto’s imprint). I started talking to TELYkast about working together and I am always working on new tracks with my great friend Jordan Jay. I’m also talking to a lot of booking agencies about playing at their events!”

I'm an all sorts of music enthusiast. I love writing and partying. I'm also a producer, songwriter, dj signed to Sony/ATV publishing and I also run a music academy for producers. My music has been played by a number of djs such as Tiesto, Dash Berlin, Hardwell, Tritonal, HIIO, Twoloud, SiriusXM Radio, Danny Avila, Nari & Milani, Jesse Vorn, Mell Tierra, Inpetto, MYNC, Roger Shah, First State, Stafford Brothers, Manse, Yves V, Justin Prime, Futuristic Polar Bears and many more.