Ibiza Government Issues New Curfew For Clubs In the Coming Summer

The number 1 party island has a new curfew? You heard right, on a recent announcement, Vincent Torres – the president of Ibiza, and the city’s five mayors has settled on an agreement that the new club closing time will be at 6:30 am. This directly poses threats to the mega-nightclubs on the island – including Pacha, Amnesia, Space and many more. Officials has claimed that they will “impose sanctions that are commensurate with the offense committed.”  On top of the night club curfew, officials also announced that cafes will have to closed at 5 am and beach clubs have to shut down by midnight.

Though 6:30 am curfew may seem insignificant but it definitely shows the government’s intention of progressively reforming the island’s tourism industry. How will this affect the renowned party island? Stay tuned for more updates.

Source: dancingastronaut.com