Idir of Blasterjaxx stepping down from performances

Much-beloved Big-room house producer duo – Blasterjaxx has recently released a disheartening news on their Facebook page. Starting November 28th, Idir will no longer perform on stage with Thom due to his deteriorating health.

In their lengthy post, Idir conveyed to us fans the issues that stemmed from the fame and being on the road. He has been suffering from panic attacks and poor physical health caused by excessive drinking while under the influence of other pharmaceutical drugs.

Idir claimed:

“And then it hit me…my first panic attack…I couldn’t breathe…my head was spinning and I had to go on stage in less than an hour…I didn’t know if I wanted to faint or throw up. The doctor came and ordered me to run around the block a few times. And prescribed me some pills…the runs helped but the pills felt GREAT. That was a fantastic solution! Now I took some pills before the flight too! And then BAM in the car on the road just back home not even touring…another panic attack…At this point I didn’t even need to do many more dates before we were to have another month off…I started not sleeping at home, what if the pills were the only thing that could keep me going, what if the fans saw I could not really keep it together, that I felt I was going insane…what if, what if…”

But don’t stress just yet, this is not the end of Blasterjaxx! Though stepping down from on-stage performances, Idir will still be hammering out the high-energy festival bangers from his studio:

“From December onwards Thom will take the stage as Blasterjaxx by himself and we’ll continue the studio work together as before, just that I ll be doing my bits strictly from the studio at home. We’ve completely synched our studio set ups to ensure we can continue our integrated production process as before and I know Thom will be kicking ass on the stage like he always does.” 

We can see that the “rock-star lifestyle” has truly taken a toll on Idir’s body and only wish him the best for what is to come.

—————————– MESSAGE —————————-A message from Idir I have not been feeling well…

Posted by Blasterjaxx on Thursday, October 22, 2015