Jack Eye Jones releases ‘Summer Nights’ album

Scottish producer Jack Eye Jones is someone who has been gaining momentum recently in the Electronic Music scene. After releasing some remixes and mashups that had been a fixture in sets and clubs around the world, Jack Eye Jones turned to the recording studio and produced his first album, ‘Summer Nights.’  All in all, the album is a good first release from the Scot with some truly stellar tracks.

The album features three remixes from outside producers, Tiesto, Laidback Luke, and Blasterjaxx.  All three put their twist on Jack Eye Jones’ tracks and turn them into Big Room tracks that will be featured at festival main stages.  Laidback Luke’s remix of ‘Story’ is the one that stands out for us out of the three; it offers a bit more of a journey to the Big Room-styled drop.  The strumming of the guitar also stands out in the build up to the second drop.  Tiesto’s remix is a sound that we have come to expect from the Dutchman in recent years, an unrelenting beat that when heard on festival speakers, makes you want to jump over and over.  Finally, Blasterjaxx’s remix of ‘Far East’ is a unique one.  The song does do a stellar job easing you up to the drop as opposed to throwing it in your face.  However, once you reach the top, the drop just does not seem to satisfy as much as I would expect from the duo, especially with their previous string of festival hits.

Each track has something that it brings to the table; ‘Forever Young’ opens the record with an upbeat tempo and great progressive builds.  ‘Chasing Space’ pairs some stellar (yes, pun intended) vocals combining with a big room bouncing beat. ‘Summer Nights’ is a record that really does bring that summertime vibe to your speakers; it is a more downtempo track that would be perfect to hear on the beach at sunset.  In the track ‘Misbehavin,’ the vocals are paired with a relaxing beat that fits in the with summertime vibe that Jack Eye Jones is creating with the album. ‘Reaching Out’ has a familiar sound, almost like Kaskade’s sound, an uptempo record that builds to a great drop.  Finally, ‘Fire in Your Soul’ has one of the most stellar openings I have heard in awhile; it sets the tone for a good record, with an ending that will keep people jumping.

However, the tracks that really stand out are ‘Rainbows,’ ‘Gypsy Woman,’ and ‘Breathe In.’  In a Progressive House album, it is great to get some breaths of fresh air and that is what each one of these records do.  Starting with ‘Rainbows,’ the opening really sets the tone for the track; the combination of the guitar strumming really pairs well with the vocals from Alabama 3.  When the beat breaks down, it gives way to a unique sound that you cannot help but dance to.

‘Gypsy Woman’ is the most unique record on the album, turning to the Future House sound that has been so popular over the past year or two.  It opens with that oh so familiar rift and then gives way to some deep, dark synths that help you get into your groove.  My only complaint about the track is that it does not come earlier in the progression of the album; it would have provided a great breath of fresh air during the Progressive House stylings at the beginning of the album.

Finally, ‘Breathe In’ is another track that really stands out due to its amazing production.  The record brings some amazing vocals to the table that open the track and pair with piano cords to hook you in.  The track then features an amazing horn rift over the beat to provide some funk to the track.  All together, it is a record that just makes you want to get up and dance and a great track to finish up the album.

Jack Eye Jones’ adventure into an album is a pretty successful one.  There are some really great pieces in the album.  ‘Summer Nights’ is a album that is perfect for keeping those summertime vibes alive and well in your speakers, even when the cold winter months start to come around.

The album is available for purchase now.