Knife Party & Skrillex collaboration surafces after 3 years in the dirt

Rewind to three years back and you’ll find yourself facing a potential Skrillex and Knife Party collab. Although never completed, the ID track resurfaced at this years ADE OWLSA event when Skrillex dug it up from his library of abandoned tunes. Since the collaboration was so forgotten, the dubstep maestro himself claimed –

“This is all the way from 2012…I don’t even know what this shit sounds like.” 

With grinding bass and metallic, tinny sounding underlays, arises the question as to why the production genius never found the need to complete such a banger. Hopefully, the crowds roaring reaction serves as enough incentive for Skrillex and Knife Party to join forces and reinvent this track, taking it to a whole new level.

Catch the demo below: