Kryder is poised to deliver one of 2015’s best sets – and we have tickets!

Kryder is a name we often associate with quality. Whether it’s through his label, collaborations, remixes or solo works, the UK native has become renowned for promoting only the best work in the industry and helping lead the ‘groove mafia’ to status.

However it’s Kryder’s upcoming US tour this fall that has us most excited. More specifically his performance at the Output, in New York on Sunday 15th November. And we have tickets to give away!


Rumored to be a vinyl only set, including only exclusive originals, edits, remixes and unreleased tunes, the UK talent-master with be showcasing his genuine disk jockeying skills and bringing back the true art form the industry was founded upon. Better still, as each track is played, the lifted vinyl will then to handed to someone in crowd. Never have we wanted to be in the crowd as much as this!

The chance to gain a one of a kind vinyl is always on a collectors and enthusiasts bucket list. The chance to listen to it in a club setting before getting your hands on it is even sweeter. The exclusive and unique concept revolves around a 2 hour set made up of only white label vinyl and a turntable. And with our excitement already at fever-pitch, the rush to get to the front will undoubtedly be chaotic!

With the event in under 3 weeks, remaining tickets to Kryder’s one-off vinyl show will no doubt be in seriously hot demand. Which makes our ticket give-away even more awesome! Be sure to stayed tuned in the near future as we bring you details on how to get access to one of our most anticipated DJ shows of the year!

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***MUST BE 21+ TO ATTEND EVENT*** Collecting vinyl used to be a simple pleasure for budding DJs and music enthusia… in We Rave You’s Hangs on LockerDome
Also check out Kryder’s US Tour dates below to catch one of the UK scene’s best and hottest acts this fall.

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