KSHMR Gives Us The Perfect Halloween Treat

Halloween is just around the corner, and with the festive season comes tons of celebration. Closest to our hearts, are the gifts our favourite music artists give us. Already a huge fan favourite, KSHMR is celebrating by treating us this Halloween with a stellar new free production inspired by the sounds associated with the festival.

KSHMR’s latest special titled ‘It Follows’ exemplifies the Indian-Americans exemplary ear for music and versatility in the studio. Covering the spectrum, from big room, to future house, the ‘Megalodon’ hitmaker now adds to his ever widening field of production with one that uses eerie Halloween-themed samples paired with his signature sounds. In what is to be a future festival banger, the mind behind this track claims –

“I wanted to give you guys a little something to enjoy your Halloween. Inspired by It Follows and its original score by the incredibly talented Disasterpeace

And we sure will enjoy!



Get low when the whistle blow.