Laidback Luke & Trevor Guthrie preview “Let It Go”

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The now legendary Dutch producer Laidback Luke is back with his brand new vocal single “Let It Go” together with Canadian Trevor Guthrie. The track is set to be the first release from Luke’s upcoming album ‘Focus’, and will be made available through his own label, Mixmash Records. It has been a another solid year of productions from Laidback Luke, with originals such as ‘Get It Right‘, ‘Snap That Neck‘ and ‘Beat of the Drum‘ all being released within the last few months. In this latest track, Luke takes a slightly different approach than normal, opting for a more progressive route rather than his usual Dutch style, highlighting what a versatile producer he has become.

The track itself features an atmospheric break that is driven by Guthrie’s infectious vocals which combine with deep guitar rifts and mid-ranged pads, before they all cut out and the lead melody takes over, as it slowly builds tension. When the drop kicks in, we hear the exquisite combination of the raw leads, electric basses, melodic pianos and drums that will make you want to get straight up and dance. This track is perfect for festivals and clubs, and will certainly get you pumped up for a big night out.

The full track will be available on October 12th, but for now be sure to check out the preview below!