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Los Angeles based duo Lost

Lost Kings – The Bad EP

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Los Angeles based duo Lost Kings have experienced a rapid rise through the dance music ranks in the last year or so. They began establishing a name for themselves and gathering a healthy following by remixing some of the biggest songs of the last 12 months, including Imagine Dragons, Echosmith and Mako. And now they are making the leap into creating some original productions, and have just released a 3 track EP on Spinnin’ Records, which includes tracks such as ‘Bad’, ‘Loveless’ and ‘You’.

The EP kicks off with ‘Bad’, a disco-pop, groovy track that features some infectious vocals from Jessame. The funky beat throughout the track is combined with some great piano chords and some old school disco synths. This track creates a healthy break from all the festival bangers that are often released on Spinnin, and provides us with a nice chilled track that will work perfectly at a pool party.


Loveless’ has a more progressive vibe to it, and features some emotional vocals. It features some atmospheric chords and pads at the break, before the lead melody takes over at the drop with some high supersaw leads and piano basslines combining with the kicks and claps. Whilst ‘You’ is a melodic, feel good track that has a tropical vibe to it, and which also includes some piano chords combining with some sharp, reverbed plucks during the breakdown, before arriving at the uplifting chorus where the melody combines with the beautiful vocals. Overall, this EP is perfect for chilled summer parties, but the tracks will still make you want to get straight up and dance.


Available to purchase on Beatport .

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