Martin Garrix discusses his rise and how the dutch scene has taken over the world

From being rejected from every single club to headlining his own event for 50,000 people in just 4 years. This is the meteoric rise of Martin Garrix, the 19-year old prodigy who recently sat down with Toazted at ADE for a quick interview.

Discussing his beginnings in the electronic music scene, Garrix talks about how he would watch videos of Tiesto and this inspired him to produce his own music. Hailing from Amsterdam, Martin says how 3 years ago he was at ADE with his friend Julian Jordan who happened to be playing at Escape Amsterdam, Martin being underage was turned away and played a small show for “10 or 15 people on the side.” The next year he was playing at the same club showing just how much had changed for the young talent in a mere year.

Going on to say how much the dutch scene helped him, Garrix talks about how the herman brood academie is especially important in the development of dutch artists and how this was essential in his growth, also having so many local labels in Amsterdam was a big asset for Martin as well as having the assistance from the likes of Tiesto and Afrojack.

One of the biggest messages delivered in the video to young producers is how Garrix says that if you’re really in it for the music then this will bring success, and how if he had of spent as much time producing as he did sending tracks to labels then he would have his current knowledge probably two years ago. Forget everything else, do what you want to do and you will get there in the end.

Watch the interview below: