Max Vangeli proves why he is one to watch with latest track

Max Vangeli is a man on a mission. Breaking away and becoming your own boss is nothing short of a mammoth task in the industry today, so it’s no surprise Vangeli has taken his time to do it ‘properly’. But with this move comes the painful sacrifice for fans of a little less material for the time being. However, based on his latest work, we doubt there’s going to be many complaints!

Initially intended to be released on his new label, “Say My Name” has been doing the rounds across the globe with Max  playing it consistently on his travels. And who can blame him when a track is as refreshing and hard-hitting as this one within the house genre. With less melody and more bass than his previous works, his ability to diversify his sound is further proven. With numerous layers interacting and feeding off one anothers energies, it will be very interesting to see what material comes from Max Vanegli and his new label in the near future.

With catchy female vocals acting as a hyping bridge for another peak-time progression, it’s little wonder fans are already enjoying the Moldovan’s latest work and appreciating his career’s new direction. Better still it comes as a free download!

Grab your free copy of Max Vangeli’s latest work here!

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