Nause – Move (James Carter & Eche Palante Remix)

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James Carter and Eche Palante have been a long overdue collaboration. Two names within the tropical house sub-genre that deserve far wider recognition for their musical production talents, their remix of Nause’s “Move” is something special. Very special indeed. Both carry tracks within their arsenal that you have more than likely heard, loved and replayed numerous times.

James Carter only 18 years of age, yet is responsible for creating some of the biggest tropical remixes of the year, with his take on The Notorious B.I.G’s “Everyday Struggle” racking up nearly 500,000 play on SoundCloud alone, as well as his rendition of Kygo’s “Nothing Left” causing a major stir on streaming platforms and arguably trumping the original.

Eche Palante is a Miami-based emerging talent within the EDM scene. And when we say he holds major promise, we mean it. The brains and artist behind one of this summers anthems, “A Discussion Between Saxes“, Eche Palante signed it with none other than Spinnin Deep. With track ranging from electro house to tropical vibes, his versatility across the calmer sub-genre’s of the industry is already evident. Already boldly taking on “Gold Skies” and “Shades Of Grey“, it’s easy to say the skies the limit for the youngster.

James Carter & Eche Palante’s magic starts from the outset with tropical chords instantly calming the mood and setting a laid back pace for the bliss that’s about to commence. With slowed, distorted vocals, the tracks tempo develops to give way towards a melodic progression infused with summery vibes and head-nodding goodness. With vocal breakdowns, light percussion and gentle beats we’re finding it really quite hard to find anything remotely wrong with this, other than the fact it’s too short for it’s own good! Easily one of We Rave You’s favourite chilled anthems of the year.

Better still, James Carter & Eche Palante are giving it away for free, so be sure to give it a major heart on hypemachine. Not that you’ll need much incentive from us – the music speaks for itself!

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