Mavve & Sasko deliver massive debut single ‘The Lights’

Another day, another Swedish act doing wonders within the industry. This time it is new comers Mavve • Sasko, and while only having one track on their Soundcloud, it certainly quite and entrance.

Every now and again you stumble across a track, and artist you click with. They’re on repeat for hours, days, weeks. Finding the ‘sweet spot’ within EDM fills you with a rush of emotions, a fulfilling satisfaction that only an uplifting melody can give. “The Lights” featuring Starling’s soothing voice brings an euphoric progressive house sound. With a raw instrumental intro, guitar strings carry the vocals towards the chorus as the synths and chords blend with the rising tempo. Wasting little time to develop into the melodic progression, Swedish house music star dust is once again scattered over the song. The extended sequence brings only good, uplifting feelings, with a pulsating beat and driving undertones building the high-octane energy.

Better still this little gem is being given away for free by the little-known pair. Talk about good first impressions! We Rave You will definitely be following their progression closely in the future if this is anything to by.

Grab your copy for free today!

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