Nicky Romero piles on The DJ Mag hate, he’s done with their incompetence

Needless to say the DJ MAG TOP 100 list is definitely making some waves in the EDM community. While some DJ’s are taking it in stride, others are not exactly pleased with the magazine for a variety of reasons.

Between rumors of some DJ’s paying for a spot on the list, to Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike’s voting scandal – there is a whole lot to iron out, and whether or not the poll should even be regarded as anything of value at this point.

One of the most embarrassing blunders so far, though, is DJ MAG’s clear lack of effort and general oversight. Dutch DJ icon Nicky Romero, lashed out at the company due to them announcing Axwell Λ Ingrosso making the list. That’s not the part he’s upset about though. The magazine awkwardly posted a photo of Nicky Romero in their place. Needless to say that didn’t sit very well with the superstar:

Dear DJ Mag you still are not able to put the right name to the right face? How can we even take this list serious ?

Posted by Nicky Romero on Saturday, 17 October 2015


Overall, we’re sure the topic will keep getting traction in the coming week. We can only hope the poll can pull it together after what is likely the death of the alleged popularity contest.

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