Relive Ingrosso and Steve Angello’s classic hit ‘Umbrella’

We sometimes seem to forget that the Swedish House Mafia trio all had remarkably successful careers before they joined together to create the “Holy Trinity” of Electronic dance music. Looking into the past at their record library, there is one record that tends to be forgotten from the pre-SHM days… That is ‘Umbrella’ from Steve Angello and Sebastian Ingrosso released back in 2007.

‘Umbrella’ is one of those records that truly sticks out due to its incredible production and extremely deep sounds. Opening with some rhythmic beats, the track pulls you in and soon gives way to a subtle guitar rift. Once the guitar picks up, the song hits its stride with the synths coming in giving it life.

However, the peak of the song comes about halfway through when the pace and ferocity of the guitar strumming picks up, a familiar upbeat styling of Sebastian Ingrosso. Being paired with the high, melodic notes that you know and love from signature Steve Angello productions, the track breaks out in full force. This song blends their two differing, yet familiar styles into one and creates a record that only gets better over the years.

Going back and listening to tracks like ‘Umbrella’ really make you appreciate the talent that the ex-Swedish House Mafia producers have. When they come together, they each bring something to the table that creates amazing records for all; Sebastian Ingrosso and Steve Angello demonstrated that with this track. Here is to hoping that they all reunite once again and produce some more amazing material…