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We Rave You – Trance Rewind #006

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Hello there! We’re back with some more classic Trance for the 6th edition of our weekly Trance Throwback. Hope you enjoy this collection and don’t hold back your emotions as you go through these tracks!

The Conductor & The Cowboy – Feeling This Way (Original Mix) [2000]

First up is the duo of Adam Pracy & Lee Hallett, working their uplifting magic in Feeling This Way which also features vocals from Laura Hallett’s, adding to the track with her beautiful voice. Peppy and melodic is what we like and that is what we get from the English duo.


Orinoko – Island (Thrillseekers Remix) [2001]

Melodic and away, next is the Thrillseekers remix of German trio Orinoko’s ‘Island’. Top notch stuff like always, Steve Helstrip is a stranger to bad songs. With a melodic overflow of emotions, this is one of those special songs that require one listen to get addicted to. So good!


Simon Patterson – Us (Original Mix) [2008]

A bit more recent than the usual, next up is UK’s famous Simon Patterson’s 2008 release on Reset Records. The ecstatic 140 track is decorated with a bomb of a melody. Takes you places and then drops you off at the “Trance Heaven”. Great track, from another great artist!



Tiesto – Athena [2004]

That night when Tiesto performed at the opening ceremony of the world famous Olympic Games is imprinted on the minds of everyone who was part of the Electronic Music scene in those times. Of course, the things have transformed a lot since then, for better or worse. A great track from undoubtedly one of the legends of the genre. Features Classical music, Trance and Tiesto. What more do you want?


Agnelli & Nelson – Embrace (Original Mix) [2000]

To end this week’s Trance Rewind, we’re going to let Trance production duo of Agnelli & Nelson from Northern Ireland do the honors. The duo featuring Christoper James Agnew and Robert Frederick Nelson, had many other famous tracks but this is the one we want to feature right now. Eerie vibe, absorbing melody and a catchy beat work, all together in this one track. Feels all around!


That’s it for this week. Don’t forget to give your opinions in the comments. We’ll be back next week, till then let the music speak!

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