Sander Kleinenberg + Marseille – Clarity

Dutch based Sander Kleinenberg is back with a new track. Teaming up with Russian rising star Marseille, they have attempted to unite 20 years of club vibes into one single song. Being an active producer for almost 20 years now, Kleinenberg sees the Amsterdam Dance Event as one of his defining career venues. In light of this year’s ADE’s 20th year anniversary, they give this track away as a free gift.

Titled “Clarity”, the track delivers an insight of Kleinenbergs style over the years, but implicates modern sounds such as the bassline. Featuring deep club notes as well as spiffy synth riffs, the powerful composition grabs the listener’s attention immediately, and can easily be adapted for any club setting.  On one side, it fits into the 90s club scene, while on the other side it brings up a Future House vibe from today.

Listen to the track right here and make sure you download it for free!

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