Spinnin’ Records launches ‘Spinnin’ Premium’ for free releases

After their fallout with Martin Garrix, it can be safely deduced that Spinnin’ Records have realised a shift in paradigm – artists want their music to be available free of cost. In light of this incident, the worlds largest EDM record label has announced its first ever ‘free subscription’ offshoot, ‘Spinnin Premium‘. Spinnin’s ceo Eelko van Kooten acknowledges the same and states –

“The music industry is changing rapidly. Focus is shifting from paying for your music to streaming and other freemium models. People are now expecting music to be available how and whenever they want it. We’ve always acknowledged this by sharing as much of our releases as possible on social media and streaming sites, now we break down that final wall by giving away the music as free downloads.”     

Spinnin’ Premium promises to release 100% free music for download. Everyone is allowed to sign up in order to receive every released track as a free download for a period of two weeks.

To inaugurate the imprint, Firebeatz‘ & Apster’s new electro banger titled ‘Ghostchild‘ has been recognised as the first release to follow this business model. However, this will be followed up by tons of free releases on a regular basis, so stay tuned!

Click here for free releases.


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