Steve Angello picks remix competition winner for ‘Children Of The Wild’

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Being the artist and humble human that he is, Steve Angello recently opened a remix competition for his hit single with Mako “Children of the Wild”. However, unlike most remix comps, this was only available to those under the age of 15, and provided competitors with nothing more than a vocal stem, letting their creativity do the talking.

Angello, who is very much a supporter of the younger generation as exhibited by his recent tweet discussing his own children’s taste in art, believes in the value of the youth, in their forward thinking, creative ways and their optimism regarding the music, and especially the dance music scene, one which for too long as been plagued with arguments, focusing less on the music and more on the differences between popular and the mainstream versus the underground.

Steve himself has been someone who has seen practically every area of dance culture from the massive arenas of his Swedish House Mafia days to his humble beginnings playing around Sweden, and as an artists to look up to, he is definitely near the top. Even scrolling through his Twitter page unearths a variety of inspirational quotes as shown below:

The eventual winner of the contest, 15 year old Simon Alex from New York, provided a stunning electro take on Angello’s masterpiece. This kid is definitely going places and I can only expect more fantastic productions from him in the future.