Suffocation in a Skrillex concert in India causes death for a young woman

A young woman who had gone to attend Skrillex’s concert in Gurgaon on Sunday fell unconscious in the overcrowded venue.

Aanchal Arora, a 23-year-old designing student, was rushed to the hospital although the doctors declared her brought dead and sited suffocation at the crammed venue as a possible reason behind it.

The doctors said that Arora died of cardiac arrest that was possibly induced by lack of oxygen. Arora, went to the concert with her friends, it was reported that one of her friends also fell unconscious and is currently in an intensive care unit.

A hospital official stated, “She was brought to the hospital with a flat line, which means no pulse rate. Doctors administered CPR, but she couldn’t be revived and was finally declared dead.”

Arora’s father fled a police complaint claiming that the number of people present at the venue was five time more than the people that were expected. However, police said that the organisers of the show had expected a crowd of around 6,500 people but the total number crossed over 8,000.


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