Swedish treasure OLWIK pulls out another ace from his sleeve

OLWIK is already receiving support from big name producers and seeing a tonne of love on songs like “This life”, “Taking Over” and his recent remix of Elephante’s “Shake The Earth”, the young producer is ready to burst onto the scene in a big way in 2016 as everyone’s favorite up and coming DJs.

OLWIK surprises the fans by using his own voice for the cover and rightly justifies the vocals of the original. Using crisp drums and beautiful synths in the backgroud shows us the talent he has, clearly taking his music production skills onto a new level. The resulting product is like a Pop/Rock ballad which aims to reach to your heart and give you a soothing feeling. OLWIK clearly has given this song a new direction – taking the original and making it yours is the point of the cover and OLWIK clearly just did that!

Hopefully this track means the breakthrough for the artist. That’s something we would all enjoy!

Listen to the track below:

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