Thomas Newson is back on Hardwell's imprint Revealed Recordings with his latest festival anthem - Shakedown

Thomas Newson – Shakedown

Thomas Newson and Revealed Recordings is not unfamiliar association, with previous Revealed releases such as ‘Pallaroid’ & ‘Timecode’, the young producer now returns to Hardwell’s label with his latest banger ’Shakedown’.

Shakedown has already been played in countless of sets the last couple of months during the peak of the festival season, and has become one of the most anticipated festival anthems this summer. The track features the typical electro, big room sounds of Thomas Newson. ‘Shakedown’ includes a great build up that really gives you the feeling something big is about to come, an expectation that leads on to the absolutely huge and powerful drop, packed with energy surrounding it. You can clearly tell that the young talent has put in a lot of work in the creation of ‘Shakedown’, with the massive work on synths, melody and the overall production of this new festival anthem.

For the regular festival fans this might be just what you are looking for, however for the the critics ‘Shakedown’ is unfortunately slightly generic, but either way a very solid production by Thomas Newson, which is sure to rock the dance floors a while longer!

Get your copy of ‘Shakedown’ on Beatport.