Tiesto Announces The Winner Of ‘Your Shot USA’ DJ Compeition

For those of you who need to be reminded about something absolutely insignificant on the face of it, Tiesto just announced the winner of his Your Shot USA DJ competition, which was, to the more perceptive audience, a reality show only with the twist of “EDM” and “DJing” involved in it. LA based DJ & Producer Samtrakk was adjudged as the winner of the competition, which showcased how the participants learned to use the mixer, the turn tables, how to perform etc. All in all, how to DJ as a whole.

As a prize to the winner, Samtrakk got to open for Tiesto at his Hakkasan residency in Las Vegas. Before the performance, she received tips and encouragement from Tiesto and even a pair of top notch AKG Headphones from the Dutchman, who has been long associated with the sound equipment brand.


Big opportunity and all the show biz aside, the whole background of the YourShotUSA competition never seemed convincing. While this isn’t to bash on the winner, there are a few things that seem not right. It is well known fact that there are loads of upcoming DJs and Producers who may have made the most of this opportunity. Going by the production quality of the winner’s tracks, I could lay out a list of 100 more talented and more deserving competitors, if not winners, for this competition. Nevertheless, it stands only for us to judge if this is any more than a joke regarding the scene as brands like 7UP capitalize on the trendy “EDM” in the United States.

H/T: EDM.com

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