TomorrowWorld allowed to return to Chattahoochee Hills

TomorrowWorld’s recent bereavement with fans has been well documented. And with DJ’s and fans all voicing their disappointment and frustration at the unfortunate sequence of events for tends of thousands of festival-goers it seems there is finally some good news for the team behind it. With shares for parent company SFX plummeting and a lot of unease among attendee’s still this is just what they needed.

Even with the logistical and planning headaches that ensued following the pouring rain and the looming lawsuits, it seems Chattahoochee’s own Mayor, Tom Reed, is keen for the TomorrowWorld to return in 2016.

Talking to local media outlet ’11 Alive’, Reed discussed the implications of what happened nearly 3 weeks ago and the reasons for it’s failures. Addressing qualms relating to the residents of the region and the governing body’s communication with them, Reed takes a broader picture of influencing factors rather than purely just blaming TomorrowWorld’s organisation team.

As the video references, the communication between the festival, the governing body and the residents seems to have fallen on deaf ears for many of the disgruntled residents who apparently were victims of property damage during the weekend.

Watch the full video below for Reed’s full comments on TomorrowWorlds wrongdoings, and what Chattahoochee hills and himself are planning on doing for 2016 to ensure the unhappiness doesn’t repeat next year.


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