World’s First Underwater Club!

Maldives has always been a place in every dance fanatic’s holiday bucket-list and they’ve found a way to climb further up your list. Introducing the world’s first underwater club, where the headline DJ doesn’t get all the attention. Subsix is located 500m offshore of the island resort Niyama in the Dhaalu Atoll.

Check out the entrance.



We admit the entrance could do a little better, but don’t judge a book by its cover. Take a step inside…



Now wouldn’t you love to have a drink with tropical fish and the most beautiful corals as your hosts? Or how about dancing into the late hours with the beauty of the ocean englufing you?



Oh and, don’t worry about accommodation at all…


DJ Poet

dj poet club subsix underwater



If you have aquaphobia, this is the most luxurious way you can get rid of it. Subsix is where we’re heading off to next.