3-year-old DJ wins $35,000 on South Africa’s Got Talent

3-year-old DJ’s aren’t common in the industry. In fact we believe this one is a first.

Yesterday, 3-year-old DJ Arch Jnr was crowned the winner of South Africa’s Got Talent, winning 500,000 Rand in the process ($35,000USD), as well as making him the youngest ever winner of the television series format. And while logic would deduce it’s not exactly vinyl disk-jockeying, the announcement seems to have hit a nerve with a number of people.

DJ’s and Producer spend years of effort, frustration and application to curate their music and create their sets, and that can reap great reward. And for some, seeing a 3-year-old winning such a title for doing ‘the same thing’ has hit a soft spot.

After receiving the ‘golden buzzer’ at the round of auditions, DJ Arch Jnr was sent straight into the live semi-finals. With his Dad revealing his son had been drawn to DJing from a very young age, the 3-year-old does seem to have an understanding of what the buttons and knobs on the platform actually do.

And just to rub salt in the wounds, the young DJ has also gained endorsements from the likes of Beats By Dre, Mini Cooper and Djay Software. More endorsements than many of us will ever receive. And with finances from donations, earnings and sponsorship’s going towards his quality of life and education, you can hardly say it’s going down the drain.

So while many feel undercut by this, understandably, seeing a 3-year-old engaged with DJ’ing is also something we’d never have seen a decade ago – reflecting the development the genre has undergone and also highlighting the need to let some things go and enjoy them.

Check out his final performance below!


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