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Avicii teases another album coming out next year

Following the release of his chart-topping album ‘Stories’, Avicii hints at another album he plans on finishing by next year. Hosting AMAs or “Ask Me Anything” on the website Reddit is now a common platform for artists to answer fan questions but in order to do this, Avicii instead uses a different platform called Quora.

After weeks of having Q&A sessions with curious fans, the Swedish icon teased on Quora that he is ‘highly likely’ releasing another album. With other unreleased tracks that were not included in ‘Stories’, namely the song probably titled as “Heaven”, this upcoming album may include these leftovers as well as some brand new music. No further information has been given yet regarding the album title and release date but with this revelation, all we can do is wait for next year to arrive.

You can check out the Quora page for Avicii here.



via Billboard