Avicii unveils an incredible music video for “Broken Arrows”

Avicii and Zac Brown Band’s collaboration “Broken Arrow” was recently unveiled as the third single off of the Swed’s immensely popular studio album, “Stories.”  To coincide with the single release, the popular record now has an inspirational music video,  telling the story of an alcoholic’s battle with addiction and his rise to fame as an world class High Jumper.

In the music video directed by Julius Onah, Dick Fosbury, a United States Olympic High Jumper, struggles with alcohol and his ability to keep up with the competition in the athletic world.  However, with the help of his daughter, he is able to create a new technique that takes him to new heights, championships, and the power to overcome his addition with booze.  All throughout the video, we are treated to Avicii’s stellar production and the incredible vocals from the Zac Brown Band.  The music video is a great inspirational tale to pair with the music.

You can watch the video below: