Coldplay – Adventure Of A Lifetime

Coldplay are world renowned for making the kind of music that makes you feel, really feel. From Green Eyes that encompasses you in a happy calm, to Fix You that projects a vague optimism, when your faltering self is just about clinging on, to Ink that makes you sing along and occasionally get up to dance. In an age when music can be violent sound filled with lyrics that make almost no sense, Coldplay shines through. After six studio albums, they continue to create what their audiences love with sincerity.

When the band announced ‘Head Full Of Dreams’ as their seventh and last album, fans around the world were shattered. In an interview, headhoncho Chris Martin compared the band to Harry Potter and its seven parts – but no amount of Hogwarts can ever, ever do justice to the magic that Coldplay weaves.

Just a few days ago Chris and co. debuted their first single ‘Adventure Of A Lifetime‘, and it is absolutely astounding. With the increasing blend of pop, rock and EDM, its not surprising that we are faced with a heavily Daft Punk-influenced track. Although some might consider it outrageous, we here at We Rave You believe that Coldplay have one upped, and outclassed the legendary electronic duo at their own game.

Album available December 4th.