David Tort – Acid (Henrix & Digital Lab Remix)

Henrix is a proven party-starter, and this reputation continues with his major remix of a classic house track. Remixing David Tort’s “Acid” in collaboration with Digital Lab, the vigorous tempo and vocal rip of the original are added to his signature powerful basslines and electro drops. With pounding beats and synths their version of the track looks sets to ignite club crowds. Drawing influence from Henrix’s track “Acid Rave Sex,” the Miami producer never seems to slow down. Recently releasing his “Raverz” EP with Adrian Meszi, Henrix is already rumored to be back in the studio to work on more releases and collaborations.

Digital Lab recently released “Work It” has led up to working with Henrix very well, elevating him to higher levels of recognition. Henrix & Digital Labs choice of David Tort’s euro-house “Acid” to remix is another testament to the pairs musical taste and versatility. With David Tort a household name in the European club scene over the past fifteen years, he is well regarded for lending a touch of Spanish flair to his remixes and love for marathon live sets, creating a musical identity that has enamored clubbers and industry critics alike.

Calling Space Miami his second home and has performing everywhere from prestigious festivals such as Tomorrowland to private parties at the Playboy Mansion. Which makes Henrix’s and Digital labs collaboration even more respectable. Managing to keep the integrity of the original track and a serious dose of electro, it’s no surprise “Acid” delivers a bombastic drop full of liquid energy and major hype.

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