Deniz Koyu unveils his edit of Nick Martin’s “Red Lion”

It seems like it has been a while since we have heard a release from Deniz Koyu. Just over two years ago, Deniz Koyu and his records were all over the festival scene with records like “Tung,” “Halo,” and “Ruby.” But as of late, things seemed to have cooled off a bit for the producer from Germany.  Luckily, it seems as if it was worth the weight, as we are about to be treated with a new release.

Deniz Koyu just unveiled a preview of his latest record on Doorn Records, an edit of Nick Martin’sRed Lion.”  Koyu’s edit brings back that signature bouncy, upbeat sound that provides you with the energy to keep you partying all night long.  We are definitely excited to hear another stellar record from Koyu and hope that it will be followed by some more new music.

Deniz Koyu’s edit of “Red Lion” will be available on Beatport on December 21st.