Dirty South drops ridiculous 5 hour set and Video for mainstage anthem “Find A Way”

Coming off the back of the emotional 2014 album “With You”, Australian/Serbian producer Dirty South has been on top form, with a string of main stage sets around the globe and the astonishing single premiered during his Ultra Miami set, “Find a Way”.

To celebrate Halloween and the release of the live video for “Find a way”, Mr. Roganović released an incredible 5-hour set from the Avalon, going against the grain and differing from what you’d expect from him in a regular sets. Dragan goes all out curating a mix that blends through numerous genres and takes listeners down a tech-house and progressive rabbit hole while still keeping the mainstage popular appeal afloat. So if you’ve a spare 5 hours lying around we’d highly highly recommend you give this one a spin!

Known for his truly emotional productions such as the classic “City of Dreams”, Dirty South is a producer that we all look up to not only as an artist, but as a human who puts real work into his art and understands the connection between life and music. And for that he’s someone who’s tracks will forever remain in our playlists, and deservedly so.

Watch the live video for “Find a Way” below: