Dirty South ft. Rudy – Find A Way (Loudan Remix)

Loudan is a little known 18-year-old Mexico-based producer, althought that may not be the case for too much longer. Bringing you a free download through his new remix of Dirty South’s anthemic hit “Find A Way”, and with the support of big names in the scene already, such as Afrojack or Henrix, Loudan is making his way to the top pretty quickly.

It is one hard task to remix Dirty South, but this Mexican talent can apparently do it all.

Digging up the emotional voice from Rudy, Loudan explores the possibilities and delivers an astonishing progressive remix to the incredible vocals. An emphatic build up, an amazing melody, and a hypnotic bassline, all blended together give as a result an uplifting track, that will get you in a good mood in no time.


Music, literature, painting, tattoo, video games, and politics lover. The beat saves my life.

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