Electronic Music Museum Opens Doors in Germany

Considering the rise of electronic dance music over the past decade, having a museum dedicated to EDM or even two, would come as no surprise.

Two museums dedicated specifically to electronic music will open doors in Germany by 2017. The first one is set to open doors in Berlin as planned by Dimitri Hegemann, founder of one of the legendary Tresor Club.

The Museum of Modern Electronic Music (MOMEM) will open it’s doors to visitors early 2017 in Frankfurt. The museum will be partly “funded” by the city of Frankfurt, as they will provide a inner-city space for the museum, lease free.

MOMEM co-founder, Alex Azary, explained more about the idea around the museum:

Having experienced, followed and participated in this cultural movement in various forms since the beginning of the ‘80s, I was always confronted with the fact that this movement was way underestimated by most people—whether journalists, music critics, music industry or people from the art and culture scene.

We will present the development of electronic music since the late ‘70s, with all its genres and sub-genres, the places where it happened, and where each style and sound was developed. We don’t want to be a simply retrospective place; we want to be a place in the here and now, following and displaying current scenes as well as future developments. But as I mentioned before, we want to show more than just the musical development and the places and clubs where it happened, but the complete range of creative fields that were inspired, influenced and evolved from this club culture.


The main financing from MOMEM will come from fundraising and private investors, as the negotiations are already ongoing, but funding will also be sought from government grants.

You can visit the MOMEM website here.

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