Lil Dicky – Save Dat Money feat. Fetty Wap and Rich Homie Quan (Fawkes Remix)

Fawkes, the London-based DK/Producer you’ve likely never heard of; but are definitely going to in the near future. With his distinctive masked stage persona and string of material, we have a hunch you won’t be forgetting him anytime soon.

Having remixed the likes of the iconic “In My Mind“, Vicetone’s “Nothing Stopping me” and one of Axtone’s finest “Leave The Light On“, Fawkes has definitely let his presence as a rising star within the scene well known. Spanning tropical house, to trance to electro, Fawkes’ latest work takes yet another different angle.

Remixing Lil Dicky’s collaboration with the inform Fetty Wap and Rich Homie Quan for “Save That Money”, one of the biggest tracks of the rap/hip-hop genre in 2015, is no small task. In fact dissecting it into an electronic dance music anthem is a very difficult task.

Maintaining the track’s cultured atmosphere through distinct vocal over-laying and smooth editing, Fawkes brings a grinding and surging electro twist underneath. Rising to bring a neck-rolling vibe, the building claps and busy synths really do bring an alternative interpretation of the track. The hard-style elements that seep through match the vocal intensity in an unorthodox, but satisfying way.

Easily one of the most memorable electronic dance music remixes of the rap/hip-hop genre this year, Fawkes’ continued streak of impressive production doesn’t seem to be ceasing anytime. Which We Rave You isn’t complaining about all.

Better still, Fawkes is delivering it as a Free Download. Be sure to grab your copy today!

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