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Fehrplay Gives A Unique Uplifting Twist to Adrian Lux’s Upcoming Single ‘Torn Apart’

Towards the end of July we reported about the upcoming single from the ‘Teenage Crime’ hit-maker Adrian Lux on Axtone. The single was previewed on Axtone’s monthly radio show/podcast ‘Axtone Presents’. After the preview one thing was clear, it would take an extraordinary artist and top notch talent to challenge the original from the Swede.

And so it happened. Pryda Friends’ recognized talent and America based DJ/Producer Jonas von der Fehr or Fehrplay as he is known to keen Progressive listeners, took on the original from Adrian Lux in some signature style. Utilizing the waterfall like sound of enchanting synths and an uplifting vibe to his advantage, Fehrplay creates an absolutely magical remix. Shortly arriving for release straight from Axtone’s top drawer, this remix is being eagerly awaited by all!

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