Hardwell Opens Up About Family Plans & DJ Life With Chantal Janzen In Bed

Dutch Musical actress Chantal Janzen has been a star attraction in the Dutch celebrity media. Her show ‘Chantal blijft slapen‘ or ‘Chantal Sleeps Over’ is a popular segment of the Dutch commercial Televison channel RTL 4. In the show, Chantal goes to stay and interact with various Dutch celebrities. For a complete day and night, Chantal goes to stay with a Dutch celebrity and talks about various topics circulating their lives. And this time it was Hardwell’s chance to get ‘in bed’ and interact with the Dutch actress.

Each episode focuses on two celebrities and the last episode of November featured former Dutch model & TV presenter Nicolette Kluijver & global Electronic Dance Music superstar Hardwell. In the below video is the recorded interaction with the DJ followed by the loosely translated dialogue between the host and Hardwell.


Chantal tries to get in the Hotelroom of Hardwell. She sleeps the room next to him and they are about to go to bed. Hardwell just finished his I Am Hardwell show in Istanbul (Turkey).


Chantal: Wooow! I thought I had a super big room. But this is insane. She noticed that Hardwell is already in bed and is curious why. The interview starts.


C: Wow! You are already in bed Robbert! Why?

R: Yeah I’m always checking my email before I’m going to sleep because America is already awake than because of the different time zones between Europe and America.


C: And contacting your girlfriend probably? About the show and things like that maybe?

R: Yes exactly!


C: But, wow. You are sleeping now in a full apartment. For a lot of people is this their normal house and this is just your hotel room. And probably you heard this question before: are you not lonely? Because I can imagine you want to share this kind of experiences with someone else…

R: Yes sure, I always want to share things like this. But I’m totally not lonely, that sounds very sad. But the contrast between performing and hotel rooms is very, very big. Right now with my own concert I’m touring the world with a whole team. But when you are doing a club tour: the clubs are so big, the people are so energetic and near you. But sometimes 10 minutes later you are already alone inside your hotel room. So the contrast between those is very big.


C: So how long will you be able to live a life like this? Because when you get children, would it be still possible to live your life like this. Have you ever been thinking about that already? Because you are so much on the road..

R: Yeah.. I don’t know. Like, Armin van Buuren got two children now!


C: Yeah, but he doesn’t know their names. “Joke” – … haha – No that’s not true!

R: Haha yeah, it goes very well with him and his children!


C: Of course, but it seems to me very hard.

R: Yes, it’s very hard to combine these two different lifes together because of the job as an dj nowadays. We are living most of the time at night and we are in a lot of different time zones. So for our social life it’s not very successful.


C: No, indeed. But did you ever talk with your girlfriend about children? To figure out how to do this?

R: Well, I don’t know. To be honest, we have never talked about it yet. We will see!

The episode was aired on November 26th.

Source: Partyscene NL

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