Hardwell – United We Are (Armin Van Buuren Remix)

Hardwell has already begun the teasing of his upcoming United We Are remix album. And it comes as no surprise the title track has been given a major remix by a fellow titan of the scene – Armin Van Buuren. With it’s release on 4th December fast approaching, we finally get a taste of a trance kings take on an already trancey single.

The first remix starts with an active bassline that doubles as the pulsating beat to underlay Amba Shepard‘s harmonic vocals. Blending with Hardwell’s original melodic progression, the chords trance styling certainly delivers an Armin sound that we have come to know, love and recognise over the past couple of decades. Joined to a big-room-esque the cutting synths combine with the infectious primary rhythm and beat, providing an atmosphere of balance energy.

While predictably satisfying with two huge name colliding in the official title, the abilities of Armin to continue delivering range of sounds, consistently seems to never cease. Combine that with his genuine will to create good music, and his fostering and friendly personality, the two Dutchman’s paths were always likely to cross over once again this year.


Check out the Armin Van Buuren’s remix of Hardwell’s “United We Are”!

H/T: edmtunes

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