Jacob Plant ft. Example – Reflections

British producer Jacob Plant is back in business with an upcoming track titled “Reflections”. He created the track alongside fellow British artist, Example, who provides the vocals for Plant’s brand new house track. Being associated with Calvin Harris in the past, both Plant and Example decided it was time to finally produce a track together and the results of this collaboration are impressive.

The merge between Plant’s heavy basslines and Example’s distinct vocals is simply perfect. After the build-up to kick off the song, the supercharged house sounds then deliver a surge of energy that will get people dancing in no time. The track, however, will not be complete without Example as the British wonder makes the song much catchier in addition to Plant’s already addicting beats.

Many fans have been buzzing about the track ever since its release on Spotify along with the support of other producers and radio hosts. This should not come as a surprise as this collaboration between Jacob Plant and Example is nothing short of amazing.

“Reflections” is now available for streaming on Spotify here and will be available for purchase on iTunes on November 27th.