Jay Hardway – Electric Elephants

Following his past collaborations with Martin Garrix, Dutch producer Jay Hardway went on his own path and ever since their last track together, he has been making a name for himself as well. Hardway is back in business once more with his brand new single “Electric Elephants”.

Garnering massive support from numerous DJ’s and producers, this track will unquestionably become a festival anthem. Most of its support comes from the industry’s top heavyweights such as two-time #1 DJ, Hardwell, who showcased the track on “Hardwell on Air 237” and said at the moment that it was his favorite track. With this amount of praise from fans and fellow producers, Hardway’s evolution as an individual artist is starting to be seen much more.

“Electric Elephants” consists of a euphoric feel that comes from the heavenly melodies that may bring out some goosebumps. The vocals that surround the build-up add a mysterious feel as well, providing more emotional variety to the track. The song’s tempo keeps increasing until the drop starts and delivers a jolt of electricity to our ears. These immensely energetic and rhythmic sounds make the newly released track an ideal crowd-pleaser for any dance event. Hardway, as a result, takes an elephant-sized stomp and makes a statement with this masterful production.

“Electric Elephants” is out now on Beatport !