Jeremy Olander teases his Impressive new ‘Taiga’ EP

Jeremy Olander has provided us with a bit of a tease of his newest release, his ‘Taiga’ EP, and it has us excited for what is to come.  Stepping away from the ‘Pryda Friends’ label and over to his own, new label ‘Vivrant’ to release the four track EP, the Swed makes an impression with each track that you are sure to remember.

Opening up the EP, the title track ‘Taiga’ provides the signature sounds that we have come to love from Mr. Olander.  After debuting on Jeremy Olander’s guest mix for Above & Beyond’s ‘Group Therapy’ podcast, the track has created a lot of buzz and it’s easy to see why.  ‘Taiga’ opens with some great builds that soon give way to a heavy beat drop that truly sets the tone for what is to come.

Up next come ‘Pinkerton,’ a bit more mellow of a track.  A track that was unveiled during Jeremy and Eric Prydz’ back to back BBC1 Essential Mix, it is a track that can sweep you away with the steady beat and uplifting tones.

‘Roots’ is the third record on the EP and what we think is the most infectious of the lot.  With a bit higher tempo and beat, ‘Roots’ is a track that keeps you grooving through the night.  Where the track truly stands out though is the layering of high notes and tones over the original deep-lying beat.  It is a track that we cannot wait to hear in full and get the entire journey.

A fitting end for the conclusion of the EP, ‘Falls’ is a true beauty as well.  It is a track that excels with its subtle notes and uplifting beats throughout.  A perfect closer to the EP indeed.

While, unfortunately, we only have previews to listen to currently, Jeremy Olander definitely peaked our interest and has us extremely excited for the release of his ‘Taiga’ EP.  We are truly eager to hear all of these tracks in full.

The ‘Taiga’ EP is out November 30th on exclusively on Beatport.