Joachim Garraud Announces The ‘Producer Box’

World renowned music producer, maestro DJ and an equally influential personality Joachim Garraud has been an inspiration for many of the producer that are presently doing the rounds on the Beatport chart. The Frenchman has assisted some of the biggest productions of David Guetta & Jean-Michel Jarre. Featuring on the tracks and albums of various artists, it is no wonder that he is somewhat ‘the’ person to follow when you’re into production.

And now he is working to reduce this gap between him and his followers and other budding producers with the release of ‘Producer Box’. The launch comes on time as his latest album ’96/24′ is set to release later this month. The product aims at bringing together 25 years of production knowledge, know-how, techniques, quips, tips and tricks to the customer. But it isn’t everyday that you decide to to give it all away, so French designer Sacha Lakic got down to work and created the astonishing Producer Box.


The entire package consists of a keyboard controller and hard drives that contains twenty-five years of work, tutorials, production secrets and everything else that you need to see through the eyes of Joachim Garraud. Tutorials in various languages, videos and sound collections in .WAV fomat, are all that one needs to enhance his knowledge as well as production quality as a Music Producer. If you’re a producer, do mark you calendars for the 27th of November, 2015.



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