‘Kill Paris’ Changes His Stage Name In light of Unfortunate Attacks in Paris

After the unfortunate attacks that took place in France this past week, the entire global community has been left in shock. The eerie attacks on the night of 13th were targeted towards the most cosmopolitan areas in the cosmopolitan city of the world. As we reported earlier, the Electronic Dance Music community has also been left in utter dismay at the situation and have sent out loving and comforting words for those who were affected.

But the most unusual circumstances are being faced by Colorado based DJ and Producer Corey Baker who styles the ‘Kill Paris‘ moniker as his stage name. Though unforeseen by the artist, the moniker he chose for his performances is now causing him a lot of problems, ones which he didn’t ask for and by no means deserves.

Admitting that the name was chosen by him with a reference to the Romeo & Juliet character Count Paris, who is killed by Romeo in the play. The American artist took to his Facebook page to notify the followers that he will be changing his name to ‘Chill Harris‘ and will continue making music and requests us to spare a thought for all those who have been affected by the attacks in France. Here is the full statement from the artist’s Facebook page:

By it’s definition a name is just a word or set of words by which a person, animal, place, or thing is known, addressed, or referred to. When I chose my name as an artist at the age of 16, it was after reading “Romeo and Juliet.” Paris was the name of Juliet’s rich and entitled suitor. I meant it as satire against a side of life that that tries to hold creativity and love down. From the beginning, it has always stood for sharing and focusing on the good and positive things in life, instead of magnifying and supporting the negatives in life.

While there is tragedy everywhere, every day, and every person has their own, the events in Paris yesterday have made me feel that my name as an artist is not appropriate anymore. What my music stands for is love and peace, and I hope my fans know that. Moving forward, I do not want people to get the wrong idea about me and my music just because I’ve gone under a particular pseudonym. I am dropping my old moniker and will now use the name Chill Harris.

My music has always been about sharing the moments with others where no language is needed to understand each-other. I will continue to share the love, and stay true to the music. I believe music helps us connect and understand each other. We need this understanding and respect for each other more than ever right now.

All of this said, this is NOTHING compared with what the people of France are going through right now. Please keep your thoughts with them. No matter your creed, age, place of birth or any other label that society has decided to create, we are all in this together. It’s so tragic when a few can forget this and cause so much pain to the rest of us.

There are people out there that could use all of our help right now. If you want to help, this site will let you know how:

Source: YourEDM

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