KSHMR Gives Yet Another Masterful Production Away For Free

KSHMR’s year has undoubtedly been one of the best out of anyone in the scene. Since breaking away from The Cataracs, he’s accumulated a production list that includes the biggest names,  rising stars and the relative unknowns reflecting his grounded, fostering approach and why already tens of thousands have flocked to his adoring fans base. And it seems in 2015, KSHMR is the gift that keeps on giving.

Releasing his remix of Kiiara’s “Feels” for free in conjunction with his stellar collaboration alongside R3hab, followers are getting two KSHMR productions in one go. As part of his promotion for the anthemic “Strong”, KSHMR is giving a copy of his remix for “Feels” out for free when you download “Strong”.

With a bellowing introduction, Kiiara’s harmonic vocal verse’s are joined by the characteristic KSHMR building melodies and tempo we’ve come to know, love and expect. With a searching chordal sequence leading towards the vibrant drop, the big-room essence throughout takes you to those festival memories KSHMR has likely been offered to play.

Generous, appreciative and genuine are 3 words you don’t often find together when describing an individual in the industry nowadays. Pairing that with talented and you start to realize how special KSHMR is within the electronic dance music scene.

Grab your free copy today by sending the receipt of your “Strong” purchase to [email protected]!

Check out the full preview below!

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